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Tyres need changing?

  • It is essential that you know when your tyres are becoming dangerous and therefore be able to change them before risking your safety and possibly a large fine. Below is a description of the reasons why and when you should change them.
  •  When to change your tyres: Mis-Alignment,, A typical example of the wear pattern caused by front wheel misalignment, (Toe-in or toe-out). The edge of the tread is "feathered" and worn progressively from one side.
  •  When to change your tyres: Under Inflation,, Under-inflation has caused this tyre to wear on the outer edges of the tread, leaving the central tread area far less worn. The inner-liner can also degrade.
  • When to change your tyres: Cuts sharp object,, Cuts Sharp objects can cause considerable damage rendering a tyre unserviceable.
  • When to change your tyres: Over Inflation,,Over-inflation has resulted in the central tread area being forced into contact with the road causing rapid or crown wear.
  • When to change your tyres: Emergency Breaking,, Emergency Braking An emergency braking manoeuvre with this tyre has caused the tyre to rapidly wear through the complete casing causing the tyre to deflate.
  •  When to change your tyres: legal Wear: Legal wear,, This tyre has been used well after reaching the legal minimum pattern depth of 1.6mm across the central ¾ of the tread, going around the complete circumference of the tyre.
  • When to change your tyres: Impact damage,, This is damage caused by an impact to the sidewall. The bulge or "egg" indicates localized casing damage.
  • When to change your tyres: Camber Wear,, Excessive wheel camber has caused sloping wear on the outer edge of the tread on one shoulder of this tyre.
  • When to change your tyres: End Of Life,, This tyre has reached the legal minimum pattern depth of 1.6mm.
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